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I want to welcome you to All about Holland, the website that gives you all you ever wanted to know about a small country in Europe.

Holland, maybe you heard of it, if you don't, you will very soon.

When people are asked do you know Holland? They respond with almost similar answers

-Yeah! Sex and free drugs policy.

-Isn't that the place with the windmills, the cheese and where they walk around on wooden shoes?

-Nope never heard of it.

Its so funny that this image is inside peoples head because its so much more then Cheese, windmills, Drugs, Sex and wooden shoes.

Stroll around the centre of Amsterdam, along canal banks lined with narrow-fronted buildings dating from the city's heyday as a trading centre.

Among these is the Anne Frank House a place that shows you how a jewish girl survived WO II by hiding behind a bookcase.

Outside the cities, Holland is a bucolic splendour of national parks and sheep-patrolled polders is perfectly complimented by shimmering lakes, sandy coastlines, and a chain of windswept islands. Best of all, it can all be seen from the comfort of a bicycle seat.

There aren't many countries this densely populated, and yet so liberal.

The Netherlands has a typical maritime climate, with cool winters and mild summers. March is the driest month, July and August the hottest.

So come to Holland, you won't be disappointed

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