Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and my hometown, the place where i live, work and sleep. There is no other place in the world where i would rather live then right here in Amsterdam.

The city has everything a person would want, if its peace and quiet, the nightlife or interact with different cultures, it has it all.

A lot of people ask me if the rumors are true, that the city is dangerous and criminal and i can say without a doubt....NO!

Its like every other major city in the world, there are places in the city where you better not go but overall its perfectly safe.

I should know, cause i grew up here.

Once in town, the amount of things to do can be overwhelming. Do your homework beforehand as there's loads to see and do.

Make a shortlist of must sees. Choose from internationally renowned museums and sights, explore the markets, quirky boutiques and department stores—and unwind with a visit to one of the many parks.

A visit to one of the extraordinary districts around the centre is certainly something not to be missed. Each area has its own character and shows a different side of the city.


The city is filled with bicycles: cyclist on their way to school and work, on their way to and from stores, bicycle couriers, police on bikes, pedalos and naturally tourists on bicycles.

For tourist cycling is an attractive and adventurous way in to which to discover the city.

A bicycle is often faster and cheaper than public transportation and allows for the easy combination of various activities. The funny thing is: there is a little bit of Amsterdam in every cycling tourist.

Whether you are looking for modern architecture, a cultural hot spot or an active excursion, there is something for everyone. Allow yourself to be guided through the various parts of the city and enjoy all the beautiful things the city has to offer.


Our historic canal ring was dug into nine little streets during the 17th century. These narrow streets intersect the main canals between the Leidsestraat and the Jordaan district, and are dotted with great restaurants, cafés, art galleries, jewellers, boutiques and vintage stores.

With an exceptional array of styles, trends and prices, this area is truly a shopper’s paradise.

The Nightlife

The nightlife is as varied as the city’s residents themselves. The city offers everything from night theatre, art parties and live music from well-known and up-and-coming international bands, to packed clubs with the best DJs spinning everything from R&B and house to hard rock and hip-hop.

You’ll have plenty of time to take it all in, as most nightclubs stay open until 04:00, with some extended to 05:00 or 06:00 on weekends.

When you're tired after a night out, or just need a place to sleep, there are a lot of hotels in the city that accept walk-ins.

Canal tours

Canal Cruise Amsterdam Here’s a quick fact: the city has 165 canals with a total length of 100kms! With all that water it would be a pity not to get yourself into a floating vessel and explore Amsterdam’s canals.

There are a number of excellent tour operators offering a variety of canal cruise experiences – from open-top sightseeing by day to romantic candlelit dinner cruises.

For an entirely different perspective, you have to see the city from the water The cruise companies offer expert commentary on Amsterdam, in a multitude of languages.

Once you’ve been on a guided cruise, you will be fallen in love with the canals.

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