Animal Park

The Apenheul is an idealistic foundation, their mission is nature conservation through nature education.

This is one of the many objectives and nobody can help present this objective better than the monkeys themselves.

The zoo works actively at preserving the primate species in the wild. This is achieved by working with other zoos worldwide.

An example of this partnership is the Breeding Program for Endangered Species and behavioural studies.

This acquired knowledge is used to help the nature conservationists study the monkeys in the wild and preserve their natural habitats.

The zoo yearly gives a part of the revenues directly to projects related to nature preservation in the Tropics.

Looking at the monkeys: this has been the highlight of the park for years. In Apenheul, you can see how the monkeys leap in the trees, like real acrobats and how they constantly play the funniest tricks on each other.

Often, we can recognize our own behaviours. This explains why we can laugh at two young Barbary Macaques who are playing tag in the grass and, later, give a tender look at a gorilla mother who is carefully looking after her baby.

In the Apenheul,, you become a part of the daily life of the monkeys. The monkeys mingle freely amongst the visitors and can climb in trees or nets above your head or walk on the path around you!

This natural behaviour is enormously fascinating. While observing the monkeys, you will learn to respect these particular animals, especially while standing among them in the park.

And this is what the zoo is all about. Anyone who has an interest and respect for the monkeys understands why we should do everything in our power to maintain those same species in the wild.

The weather

Even though most primate species found at the park are originally rainforest inhabitants, they are well used to the typical Dutch weather.

Most of them are born in European zoos.

From April to November you will find them outside. If there is a short shower, they will look for a sheltered place… probably just like you will.

If the temperature drops below 10°, if it is stormy with lots of wind or during long rainy days, the monkeys will prefer their dry homes.

Who would blame them? The gorillas, bonobos, the orang-utans and some other species can be observed in their inside facilities. This can also be a very special encounter!

The admission ticket of Apeheul gives you access to the Berg en Bos nature park.

Visit the website for more information.

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