Artis, is a zoo in the centre of Amsterdam and it is the oldest zoo of the Netherlands.

In addition to the zoo, it has a planetarium, a geological museum and a zoological museum. The oldest zoo of the Netherlands has more then 900 species and a wide range of animals.

From the smallest insects to the African giraffes and from monkeys to elephants.

See the smallest monkey in the world or take a look in the big Aquarium, the zoo has alot to offer.

Through out the park are several monumental trees, most of them are several centuries old and some are even older then the zoo itself.

The geological museum shows de history of life on earth, like dinosaur skeletons, fossils and minerals.

The biggest attraction of the Geological museum is a complete skull of a walrus fossil that has been discovered by archeologists.

Its a trip from the beginning of the evolution to what life on earth is today.

The Zoological museum of the Amsterdam University is one of the two biggest historical "nature" museum in the Netherlands and has several exposition every year in the "Aquarium"

The complete collection covers more then 13 million objects, all registered and catalogued and is used for scientific ends.

You can visit the website for more information however, the website is in Dutch only.

If you are planning a visit to Amsterdam and you are thinking about visiting this great Zoo and you prefer more information, another option is to send them an email. You can do so by clicking here

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