The Dolfinarium, an unique theme park with an impressive collection of marine mammals, offers a full-day programme with no fewer than nine pectacular shows and demonstrations!

In the park the dolphins also play with the trainers, water jets, toys, ice-cubes and sometimes even with the guests!

The park has a large group of more than 25 dolphins, in 2 locations: Dolfijnendelta (Dolphin Delta) and DolfijndoMijn (Dolphin Domain).

During the great shows in DolfijndoMijn dolphins and trainers demonstrate how well they work together.

In Dolfijnendelta newly born dolphins live alongside other dolphins of all ages; some dolphins are even over 40 years old!

The largest animals that live in the park are the Pacific walruses. These walruses occur in the North Pole region and in the Pacific Ocean.

They have relatives that live in the Atlantic Ocean. And yes, youÂ’ve guessed it, they call them Atlantic walruses!

If you're tired of walking around and don't feel like watching a show, there are a few playgrounds in the park where your children can play while you relax.

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