Amusement Park

The Efteling has been welcoming visitors to its World of Wonders for almost 60 years. Today, the Park is proud to be an international leader in the tourism and recreation industry.

It has been entertaining its visitors since the opening of the Fairytale Forest in 1952, and continues to surprise them with new and exciting attractions and entertainment.

The Efteling has a reputation as a highly-professional, creative and efficient organisation which has been achieved through continued dedication to customer-oriented and customer-friendly products and services.

The Efteling has a great deal to offer besides the attractions in the park.

Every day of the week, visitors can watch a variety of exciting acts, enchanting shows and artists, live in the park. You are bound to bump into them wherever you go… inhabitants of the Fairytale Forest, amazing acrobats and merry musicians.

Meet and greet, look and listen… or join them for a song and dance!

* Fata Morgana

This ride has 14 boats that float on a waterway that is 1.2 metres deep. The boats sail past 104 different characters in an Oriental setting, along a 285 metre-long watercourse that takes 8 minutes to complete. The attraction has a total surface area of 4,000m2 and contains 2,500 m3 of water. Fata Morgana means mirage.

Fata Morgana

* Dream Flight (Droomvlucht)

During a 6 minute ride you are taken on a dream flight starting at a height of 13 metres, and left to descend past imaginary dream-like creatures in a wonderful fairytale land.

* Pagode

A flying temple of Thai design, slowly revolves while it is up in the air. The temple extends up to 45 metres above the ground and has a diameter of 16 metres. You can see it rise above the trees when you are on your way to the Efteling and when you are approaching the park.


* Pirana

This Inca-style white-water river is 350 metres long, contains 25.000 m3 water, four rapids and four waterfalls. Four pumps keep the river flowing at varying speeds. Visitors get onto a ‘raft’, placed on large pneumatic tyre. Each of the boats can take up to 6 visitors.

* Python

The Python is 750 metres long and 29 metres tall. It has two loops and two cork screws. The Python takes you up to a speed of 85 km/h in 140 seconds with the biggest drop being a full 22 metres.


* Creepy Castle

When the bell in the Creepy Castle tolls, the graves start to creak and the ghosts start to feel restless as their pasts torment them. This marks the start of a nerve-jangling show.

* Villa Volta

A beautiful villa surrounded by an English garden, this house is no ordinary house. Hugo, the gentleman of the house, will never be at peace. He will haunt it, twist it and turn it until the end of time.

* Vogelrok

This indoor roller-coaster rides in the dark and moves at a speed of 65 km/h. The ride takes 1.41 minutes from start to finish and you will experience a positive G-force of 3.5 (in your seat).

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