Experience exciting family adventures in Hellendoorn, the most adventurous family park of The Netherlands, with a lot of extras especially for children up to 12 years!

Over 30 rides and shows await the guests in 2010. Moreover the Adventurepark organizes special events througout the year.

The park is devided in 3 kinds of attractions:

* Cool Attractions

Wander through the dark sewers and take a ride in the Sewerrat. Experience this unforgettable journey in the dark!

Or take a ride in the Tornado. Going uphill, the tension rises.. suddenly everyone starts screaming.

With a dazzling rush you go down through the looping and the corkscrew. Turn your world up side down twice!

For the real adventurers The Park has some exciting adventures in store. You really must not miss these super cool attractions!

*Family adventures

A forest full of family excitement! You can try to keep dry in the swirling river Sungai Kalimantan. Make a journey through the Discovery Club; a laser game in a world full of special effects.

Are you afraid of heights? Put it to the test on the rollercoaster ‘Tornado’ while storming along tree peaks.

*Children Attractions

The smallest adventurers experience the greatest adventures in their own "park" in the park: Toddlers Land.

In Toddlers Land are 7 special rides for children up to 1,20 m. At each ride, one of our employees will guide the toddlers on their adventure.

The kids can also go on an adventure in the belly of a whale in Moby Dick, or on the back of an elephant in the Dombo Mill!

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