Cheese market

The Holland Cheese market is located in the typical Dutch polder landscape in Alkmaar close to a major nature reserve with dunes, beach, woods and water, water everywhere.

Few places in the Netherlands have such a wide variety in terms of natural splendour.

In economic terms, too, tis city is favourably located as an attraction in the region and in the economic heartland of the Netherlands.

Its the vibrant centre of the area. For example, it houses the largest non-teaching hospital and the only college of higher education in the region.

In addition, this city is surprisingly close to Amsterdam and schiphol-airport.

So more and more companies are opting for the city as an attractive location for their activities.

Cuture & Museums

Thousands of visitors from all over the world visit the Holland Cheese market, a particular spectacle which includes a market filled with cheese and hauling cheese carriers. Kaasmarkt The Holland Cheese market has taken place on the Waagplein since 1593 and there are a number of museums in the city in addition to the Alkmaar cheese museum:

* The Municipal museum: Learn all there is to know about the history of the city and its surroundings.

* “De Boom” beer museum: located in a former 17th century brewery, this museum also accommodates a public house.

* Dutch Kachelmuseum (heater museum): admire 75 heaters from the period between 1900 until today in the Dutch heater museum at the Bierkade.

The city walk by monuments takes in the most beautiful spots of Alkmaar. The 1.5-hour route leads you by courts of almshouses, museums, and monuments.

You can order the citywalk by monuments at the vvv e-shop. For a visit to the cinema, concert or the theatre this the right place to be.

Shopping Area


The Achterstraat connects the largest shopping street, the Langestraat, to the narrowest street in the city, the Magdalenenstraat.

But, this welcoming street has more to offer. The business owners on this street have an excellent relationship with each other and this relaxed atmosphere is reflected on the shopping public.You can browse around the remarkable stores in your own pace.


In the heart of old city centre, you will find this warm, narrow little street. Looking for something special? You will undoubtedly find something unique in this bustling street.

The stores located on this street provide a multi-colour display of activity, certainly worthy of a visit.


This is where the old city shines like never before. Beautiful detailed storefronts provide an extra luxurious feel to the great diversity of shops.

Art galleries and interior design stores, but also authentic craftsmen´s stores are a pleasure to the eye and a stimulus for anyone´s creativity.


This stylish street is found on the edge of the old city centre, which leads to the canals. It houses a mix of inviting bars and wonderful restaurants. From fashion and interior to the florist and hairdresser’s, this street is home to them all.

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