Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen is located on the Grebbeberg in Rhenen and has been around for over 75 years.

The zoo offers a unique combination of beautiful, interesting and threatened animal species and attractive, wooded surroundings.

Ouwehand Zoo is home to some special animal species, which are accommodated in spacious and natural enclosures.

Every time you visit Ouwehand, you can see how the zoo is developing. In recent years, the park has changed and various new projects allow visitors to encounter the animals in unique ways.

With the realization of such projects as The Bear Forest, Nose to Nose with the polar bears and the new penguin enclosure, visitors imagine they are right there in the unique world of the Animal Kingdom.

Walk into Pássaro, a paradise of colourful and tropical birds, and then admire the unique white tigers and white lions.

You can nose up to our polar bears and walk underneath the orang-utangs as they swing about. Or walk through the Bear Forest where brown bears and wolves live side by side.

Ouwehands zoo

Climb up onto the biggest elephant in the world to look at the mighty African elephant from a height of 12 metres.

As a member of the Dutch Zoo Federation, the park contributes both cash and knowledge to the nature conservation fund, which supports various projects geared towards the conservation of endangered species and their habitats.

Visit the website for more information (www.ouwehand.nl).

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