Tropical Museum

The Tropenmuseum (English: Tropical Museum) is an anthropological museum located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and established in 1864.

One of the largest museums in Amsterdam, the museum accommodates eight permanent exhibitions and an ongoing series of temporary exhibitions, including both modern and traditional visual arts and photographic works.

The Tropical-Museum is owned and operated by the Royal Tropical Institute, a foundation that sponsors the study of tropical cultures around the world.

The collection of The Tropical-Museum in Amsterdam contains more than 300,000 objects and historical photographs.

The museum houses 175,000 objects, 155,000 photographs and 10,000 miscellaneous drawings, paintings, and documents.

They also have several collections in storage that fall outside of their scope. These include collections for China, Japan, Korea, and Europe.

The photography collection consists mainly of historical photographs of the former Dutch Colonies from 1855-1940.

It released a large number of photographs under a Creative Commons licence to the Wikimedia Commons.

If you like cultural visits during your holiday or city trip then its a must see.

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