With its mysterious underground setting, Valkenburg aan de Geul has been a major tourist attraction for a long time.

The railway station was built in 1853 on a line connecting the two cities of Maastricht and Aachen (Germany).

In those days, the well-to-do were able to discover the charming little town by railway, the line having been built at a cost of one million Dutch guilders.

As a result it gained the name Miljoenenlijn. From the top of the picturesque castle, it is possible to survey the ruins of this the fortified town, as if they fit into the palm of your hand, inviting you to come and see it for yourself.

There is much to see and do: there are two theme parks, a cable car and toboggan run, underground marlstone caverns and museums, the highest castle ruins in the Netherlands, spa and wellness facilities, the Holland Casino, two underground and aboveground cycling tours, stylish restaurants, a thriving nightlife, chateaux, green parks and extensive nature reserves.

Valkebburg Caves

Although the caves are an experience on there own, Valkenburg is also well known for the christmas market.

Many hundreds of thousands of visitors have already passed through its labyrinth of passages to take advantage of the seasonal market's special atmosphere. Kerstmarkt

The ancient galleries and the stylish dramatization of an episode from the rich history provide the perfect backdrop to this uniquely appealing occasion.

The Christmas market is embellished with song and music and at weekends the visitor can enjoy many cultural asides.

As you wander through the grotto, you will be tempted by many of the seasonal attractions on sale.

If you're ever at a loss as to what to buy for that special someone at Christmas, this subterranean bazaar will give you ideas aplenty!

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