Animal Parks

Apenheul When you love animals you will have a blast when visiting the animal Parks in Holland.

A lot of people don't know this but we have 3 well know animal parks and you can go on safari.

You can watch dolfins and seals perform acrobatic stunts but my personal favorite is definitely the Apenheul,

First thing you will see when entering the park is that you are surrounded by monkeys. They will approach you, sit on your shoulder and if you buy some peanuts in the park, you can even feed them.

Note: Please beware of your belongings when you're in the park. The monkeys grab everything they get their little hands on.

Artis Artis, is a zoo in the centre of Amsterdam. It is the oldest zoo of the Netherlands.

In addition to the zoo, Artis has a planetarium, a geological museum and a zoological museum.

The zoo was founded in 1838 by Gerard Westerman, J.W.H. Werlemann and J.J. Wijsmuller.

It is commonly referred to as Artis, because the zoo has three gates with Artis Natura Magistra written above them.

Usually only the first gate was open, so people who walked through that gate, looked what was written above it and saw 'Artis', thinking that the zoo was just called Artis.

Soon few knew it as Artis Natura Magistra.

Artis was the zoo where the last quagga was held in captivity before it died in 1883.

Dolfinarium Het Dolfinarium, an unique theme park with an impressive collection of marine mammals, offers a full-day programme with no fewer than nine pectacular shows and demonstrations!

If you're tired of walking around and don't feel like watching a show, there are a few playgrounds in the park where your children can play while you relax.

During the great shows in DolfijndoMijn dolphins and trainers demonstrate how well they work together.

In Dolfijnendelta newly born dolphins live alongside other dolphins of all ages; some dolphins are even over 40 years old!

Its fun and animals the whole day long, you will never be bored.

Safaripark Beekse Bergen Experience Afrika in one day by visiting Safaripark Beekse bergen. An African adventure with growling lions, nosy girafs and zebra's walking beside you.

You can discover the park in 4 different ways: you can walk, take the safaribus, go on the safariboat or go with your own car.

The whole day will be one adventure after another, while the park rangers tell all there is to know about the animals.

Ouwehands Zoo Ouwehands Zoo is located on the Grebbeberg in Rhenen and has been around for over 75 years.

This specific animal park offers a unique combination of beautiful, interesting and threatened animal species and attractive, wooded surroundings.

You can nose up to our polar bears and walk underneath the orang-utangs as they swing about.

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