When you come to visit Holland, you must visit one of the Holland museums and see for yourself what a great history this country has to offer.

Amsterdam is awash with museums; it seems that there is another museum at every corner that you turn. From Art to history, sex to Marijuana there seems to be a museum for everything in Amsterdam.

Here is just a small selection of some of the museums that may interest you during your stay in Amsterdam.

One of the museums is called The Anne Frank House , a place that shows you how a jewish girl survived WO II by hiding behind a bookcase.

Also if you are more interested in art, then i would definitely recommend The Rijksmuseum: Since 1885, the Rijksmuseum has been housed in architect Pierre Cuypers' imposing building on the Museumplein square, right in the heart of Amsterdam.

Stedelijk Museum: From 1930 to 1972 the Van Gogh collection of V.W. van Gogh, supplemented with Vincent's contemporaries from the collection of Theo van Gogh, was one of the most important attractions of the Museum.

In 1972 a large number of these works moved to the new Van Gogh Museum next door to the Stedelijk Mueum.

The Amsterdam Historical Museum: The rich collection of works of art, objects and archaeological finds brings to life the fortunes of Amsterdammers of days gone by and today.

The Van Gogh Museum: A visit to the Van Gogh Museum is a unique experience. The museum contains the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh in the world.

The last museum I must mention is The Tropical Museum: A museum in Amsterdam that tells stories about non-western cultures.

If you're thinking about visiting more then one museum, then i must recommend the Hop on Hop off Museumline: It operates seven days a week throughout the year and has a fixed route through Amsterdam according to a fixed time schedule.

There are twelf stops where you can leave the boat and you will be given 10% to 50% off the entrance fees of most museums.

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