Schiphol Airport: When you're planning your trip or vacation to Holland, one of the best and fastest ways is flying.

Schiphol is the Netherlands' main international airport and it currently ranks as the worldÂ’s 3rd largest by international passenger traffic.

Schiphol has large shopping areas as a source of revenue and as an additional attraction for passengers.

Schiphol Plaza is the shopping centre before customs, hence it is used by air travelers and non-traveling visitors.

The Rijksmuseum operates an annex at the airport, offering a small overview of both classical and contemporary art.

For aviation enthusiasts, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has a large rooftop viewing area, called the Panoramaterras. It is not accessible to connecting passengers.

Enthusiasts and the public can enter, free of charge, from the airport's landside.

Schiphol Plaza

Besides the Panoramaterras, Schiphol has other spotting sites, especially along the newest Polderbaan runway and at the McDonald's restaurant at the north side of the airport.

When you arrive on Schiphol, its very easy to travel to other cities or places in the Netherlands.

From the airport there are many busses, going in different directions, as well as trains.

If you prefer to stay close to the airport its easy to find a hotel, There are more then 30 hotels that you can choose of.
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