Tourist Information

Before you plan your visit to Holland,
please read the tourist information below.

Just a few things to keep in mind.

Climate and Weather

The climate in Holland is temperate with summer temperatures
ranging from 20°c – 30°c in July and August
and winter temperatures in December and January
ranging from 0°c to 10°c.

General information

Surface: 41526 square km

Population: 16,3 million people,

Capital: Amsterdam

Language: Dutch although English is widely spoken.

Currency: Euro

Calling code: +31

Useful Numbers

General emergency number: 112

Holland is generally considered a very safe travel destination
but it is worth paying attention in the larger cities to pick pockets.

Bicycle theft is a big problem within The Netherlands
and particularly in Amsterdam.

If you are approached with what seems like a bargain
to good to be true then it probably is.

Although Cannabis is decriminalized in Holland
it is a misconception that it is legal.

Smoking Cannabis in Public i.e. walking down the street
should be avoided and instead restricted to Cofeeshops.

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